About us

We have been training in Finland for more than 10 years, worked with different coaches on our way towards various championships and broken several Finnish records. In Autumn 2015 we moved to Tallinn to train with professional coach Alar Seim and the top Estonian weightlifters. Training in Tallinn has further improved our technique and brought it closer to international style. Our coach Alar Seim has coached his son, Mart Seim, to a silver medal in the World Championships.

Now we have turned our know-how into a high-quality online course that can help you progress faster and improve your lifting technique. There is a purpose to each lift and a correct way to do them. We want to help all weightlifters learn correct snatch and clean and jerk technique and to motivate them to work hard and improve their personal records.

Leading the course

Milko Tokola

Milko Tokola – Holder of Finnish and Nordic records in the 85 kg division. Milko is an eight-time Finnish National Champion and represented Finland in the Rio Olympics. His records in the under 85 kg division are 152 kg for snatch and 183 kg for clean and jerk. His best placement in the European championships has been 8th.  For the last year and a half, he has trained in Tallinn, coached by Alar Seim.


Anna-Maria Tokola

Anna-Maria Tokola – Holder of Finnish records in the 58 kg and 63 kg divisions. Twelve-time Finnish National Champion, has placed 6th in the European Championships. In 2016, Anna-Maria broke the combined result record of 200 kg in the under 63 kg division. Like her husband, she has also trained in Tallinn with Alar Seim for the last 1,5 years.